Nginx Features

Nginx features are limitless. The only limit is your imagination

Virtual Host Templates

100% Fully customizable virtual host templates.

Directory Listing

Manage individual domain directory listing.

Multi Nginx modes

Make your default server as nginx stand alone , hybrid or proxy.


Switch PHP versions of individual domains and sub domains.

Nginx Userdir

Manage userdir access from cpnginx panel.

App Templates

Build and manage app templates for any web app easily.

Hot Link Protection

Protect your website static contents from hot links.

FLV Pseudo Streaming

Control FLV Pseudo Streaming of each of the domains.

Mp4 Pseudo Streaming

Manage MP4 Pseudo Streaming settings.

Nginx Proxy Settings

Full control of nginx proxy settings from whm and cpanel.


Full control of php-fpm fcgi settings from whm and cpanel.

Control Static Files

You control the static file extensions that are managed by nginx.

Nginx Firewall Features

Cpnginx Firewall Protect Your Websites From Attacks

DDOS Protection

Control layer 7 ddos attacks on web server from whm.

Visitor Traffic Limit

Limit traffic from a visitor IP to an nginx website.

Limit Traffic to a Domain

You control the traffic limitation to a domain or subdomain.

Limit Request Rate From Visitor IP

You control the rate of request per second from a visitor IP

Limit Rate of Request to a domain

Manage access rate of requests per second to a domain or subdomain.

Slowloris DDOS Protecion

Protect your web sites and server from Slowloris attacks.

Keep Alive

Control keepalive timeout and and keep alive requests.

Range Based Attack Protection

Protect your websites from range based attacks.


You can allow only the GET, HED and Post requests.

User Agent Attacks Protection

Control user agent attacks deny requests from bad bots.

Protect Scanner Attacks

Disable access from bad web sites scanners for protecting your data.

X-XSS Attacks Protection

Protect your web sites from cross site scripting vulnerability.

ClickJack Protection

Secure your server from X-Frame attack protections.

SQL Injections

Control your web server sql injection attacks and protect it.

File Injections

Protect your web server from file injection attacks.

Referer Spam Protection

Manage access by referrer spam attacks to prevent phising.

Symlink attack protection

Protect your nginx document root and data from symlink attacks

IP Deny

Block access from attackers IP address or a subnet.

Nginx Cache Management

Multiple cache management options with cpnginx

Google Page Speed

Google page speed make your web site fly. Fully customized option.

Proxy Cache

Fully managed proxy cache interface to control the proxy cache.


Manage php-fpm fcgi cache for individual domains.

Static File Expire

Manage static file expire time

Nginx SSL Features

Cpnginx developed to manage ssl certificates and domains

HTTPS Nginx Support

Cpnginx auto management for ssl and certificates.

SSL Protocol

You choose the proper ssl security protocols as you wish.

HTTP2 Support

Manage nginx HTTP2 support over ssl.

Manage SSL Domains

Easily manage nginx ssl domains

cpNginx Plugin Features

The ultimate cpanel/whm nginx integration software

WHM feature rich panel

Manage the entire server from cpanginx whm administration panel.

WHM Feature Manager

Manage cpanel interface features from whm feature manager.

cpanel User Interface

Mange individual user websites from cpanel interface itself.

Multi Language

Build and maintain your local language support easily.

Dedicated IP Domains

Easily manage domains with dedicated Ips .

Powerful Command Line

The Nginxctl command is a powerful tool for administrators.