Cpanel nginx plugin - Nginx in Cpanel

Super charge your cPanel server with Nginx

Nginx with ssl, phpfpm , http2, ddos protection, web apps and more

Why Choose Cpnginx?

The First and real cpanel nginx plugin

App Templates

Switch Your Web apps settings To nginx with one click From cPanel itself

Wordpress Templates

Deploy your wordpress on nginx , php-fpm, fcgi-cache with google page speed.

Joomla App Template

Turbo boost your Joomla with nginx in cpanel. Web cache and firewall included.

Drupal App Template

Cpnginx provide drupal with nginx app template file, run high traffic drupal web sites.

Opencart Template

Cpnginx designed for your shopping cart, opencart with nginx for performance.

“Build and deploy any web app template with nginx easily”


Cpnginx provide multiple php versions

All Cpaenl PHP CloudLinux alt-php

Run any vesion of php-fpm with nginx. Chose with once click from your cpanel interface

Multi php for single user

Chose any php version for individual domains and sub domains from you cpanel.

Run on cpanel provided php packages

No need to compile any php modules,because it is fully integrated with the cpanel rpms.

Nginx Firewall

Cpnginx Firewall Protect Your Websites From Attacks

DDOS Layer 7 Protection

Nginx DDOS protection. Protect servers from L7 DDOS attacks.

Slowloris Dos Protection

Control Slowloris DDOS attacks and protect from malicious attacks.

Protect Range Based Attack

Protect your website attack against CVE-2015-1635 .

User Agent Attacks

Block attacks from bad user agents and bots.

Scanner Attacks

Protect from bad scanners to avoid security leakage.

X-XSS Protection

Protect from Cross Site scripting attacks.

X-Frame Protection

Protect your websites from Clickjacking x-Frame attacks.

Protect from SQL Injections

Limit and control SQL injection attacks.

Referer Spam Protection

Protect your sites from referer spam attacks.

Symlink attack protection

Disable Symlink access from your webserver's document roots.

Multi Web Cache

The First and real cpanel nginx plugin

Google Page Speed

Nginx with Google Page speed is the ultimate solution for website cached and cdn services. cPnginx by default provide a CDN subdomain for every google page speed domains.

Proxy Cache For Web Sites

Cpnginx provide flexible configuration and optimization tools for nginx proxy cache configurations. This cache can be managed for each and every subdomains and domains.

FCGI Cache for PHP-FPM

Cpnginx provide nginx php cache via php-fpm fcgi cache mechanism. This will run the site with out of the box performance. Every cpanel users can control it from the cpanel.